New Features with Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising is up and coming and if your business isn’t using it yet, you may want to consider doing so. Always improving their advertising options for business owners, Amazon is striving to add new features to try out every now and then. By doing so, they are trying to shape a platform attractive to business owners to promote and sell their products on Amazon. As a result of this, there is Amazon gaining clients and references and on the other hand there are either small, medium or big businesses, that sell their products on Amazon and profit from their reach and name.


Negative Keyword Targeting

One new neat feature in Amazon Advertising is, that you can prevent your ads from showing accordingly to the search term of the user.

If you for example mark the phrase “green shirt” as a negative phrase, this will exclude shopper search terms like “green shirt” or “green shirt in S” but not search terms like “shirt in green S” or “shirt green”.

Also, you can exclude exact negative keywords. If we stay with the search term “green shirt”, the shoppers search term “green shirt” will be excluded, but not the term “green shirt in S”, because it has an addition, which is not marked as a negative sentence in the end.


“Large” Targeting

You, as a user of Amazon Advertising, now have the opportunity to include plurals, synonyms or other very close keywords. For example, if you are selling shoes on Amazon and put “shoes” as the targeted keyword, users can find your articles by looking up “shoes” but also “sneakers” or “trainers”. This allows you to reach even more potential customers who are generally interested in buying shoes.


Broad Match Modifiers

If you want one specific word to be always included in a search term, this is made possible by simply adding a “+” before your keyword. For example, if you want the word “men” to always be included in your shoe search, your targeted phase could look something like “shoes +men”. In connection with the “Large” Targeting feature, your product will then appear for search terms like “men sneakers” or “men trainers”, but not for “running shoes” or “shoes size 10”.


Important to know

If your business is already using Amazon Advertising, these new additions are really easy to implement. You can simply add these features to ongoing campaigns or use them on ones.

Also, if you have a lot of time, you can add up to 1,000 negative keywords to each campaign.

In case you need evidence on how much Amazon Advertising impacts businesses, check out these videos:

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