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Every day since 2016, our senior experts have been optimizing digital advertising campaigns worldwide. Our teams focus on performance AND on branding.

Our outstanding results in Programmatic, Social and Search empower the people we work with.

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All about Amazon Organic Search

More than 54% of internet searches start on Amazon; the channel has become indispensable for any brand wishing to promote its products.

On Amazon, everything happens in the search bar. Work on your SEO to optimize your product listings and generate as much organic traffic as possible.

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    Thanks to its in-depth expertise of campaign management, coupled with an intimate knowledge of today’s digital challenges, EuroDSP dedicated team pilots and optimizes your campaigns in real time, guaranteeing you a maximized ROI while granting you a full control of your brand’s media environment. Our teams operate with a media-savvy, creative-aware, international perspective rooted in a multicultural, multi-country environment.


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    We are an international trading desk agency with offices in Munich and Paris.

    Thanks to our highly qualified experts, tools, and technical environment, we run campaigns worldwide.

    We do this with a focus on KPIs and optimize daily.
    We are neutral to walled gardens and platforms.

    Our clients’ results are our North Star.
    We work within both the BtB and BtC environment.

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