How to optimize your organic search on Amazon?

Organic SEO on Amazon

When it comes to organic SEO on Amazon, it all happens in the search bar. SEO plays a key role and to understand it, it is necessary to look at Amazon’s algorithm, also called A9. This algorithm is, in short, the heart and the head of the American giant’s platform; it decides which products will appear at the top of the list of searches, which will receive the coveted badge Amazon’s Choice, which will be eligible for the Buy Box or which seller will be awarded the Best Seller tag.



The A9 algorithm is based on ranking factors related to relevance and performance

The algorithm was designed and is managed by the American giant itself; the products are indexed by keywords by the software and sorted according to specific factors that correspond to the needs of its customers, thus maximizing their satisfaction and encouraging them to return to the Amazon shop, the ultimate goal of the giant. 

The algorithm was created to sort products according to relevance and performance factors, since every search on the Amazon website has a transactional purpose, unlike searches on other search engines such as Google, which people use to do various types of research.

The relevance ranking factors include the product title, the seller’s name, the brand field, the product description using bullet points, and the Amazon backend keywords. As for the relevance factors, they are the product price, the product image, the Amazon conversion rate, the reviews as well as the sales volume and regularity. 

We invite you to read our white paper (downloadable from our homepage) in which we have detailed the different factors. Please note that the relevance ranking factors are directly related to the use of strategic keywords – unlike the performance ranking factors where additional parameters come into play – which is why we also explain how to find relevant keywords, which ones to focus on and how many to include in your ad, among other things.

By optimizing your product page according to the tips in our white paper, you should see a move in the right direction in terms of your rankings, conversion rates, and sales, and this will potentially qualify you for some of Amazon’s distinctions such as the Best Seller badge or Amazon’s Choice.