Proprietary Search Engine Marketing Solutions

Meet adopt, our (Proprietary) Automated Search Engine Marketing Solution


Our mission is to reconcile branding & acquisition. To this end, we leverage integrated services & in-house technologies which we deploy on Google Ads and Facebook. Our martech tools create the conditions for our clients to engage with their existing and new audiences and prospects all the way down the conversion funnel. They also enable our strategists, creatives & media experts to craft brand experiences that are relevant for the audiences & meaningful for the brand.

Whether working on strategy, creation or technology, all our teams are driven by the same passion: challenge the idea of the impossible in everything they do.



Our technology

Do you have an online shop with a very large product catalogue?

  • On Google & Bing, Adopt for Search allows marketers to automatically create, manage and optimize keywords campaigns. The platform is plugged in the retailer’s product catalogue to create & update as many ads and keywords as there are products in the catalog.
  • Product’s attributes are combined to address long-tail and generic keywords. Ads are dynamically updated according to price change or inventory.

Get in touch with us if you:

  • need to reposition your brand
  • need to launch your marketing campaigns online
  • need to increase your online visibility / brand awareness
  • wish to attract more clients
  • wish to convert more prospects
  • wish to alert clients of new products or offers
  • wish to improve your KPIs
  • wish to explore innovative acquisition approaches
  • wish to exploit your product catalogue in a smart way