Christmas is a busy period of time especially for businesses in retail and e-commerce. Therefore, social media is used to promote businesses Christmas campaigns to obtain the largest awareness possible on their products or services. Social Media Marketing is a great way to generate the greatest attention. It’s an easy way to help a brand raising awareness online. It’s known to be a common way on getting potential customers in touch with your brand. Since almost every brand is represented on Social Media, it is found, that a large percentage of users also connect on social media with their favorite brands. So if customers are connected and interact with your brand outside of Christmas, you can expect your fans to interact even more with you during the holidays. To capture attention from non-followers, brands broadcast many social media campaigns or costly advertising videos.

If your brand is known for good Christmas advertisement, like Edeka or Coca Cola, naturally users will follow your account to be up to date on knowing when the next advertising launches. These brands have achieved, that their advertising touch millions of hears every year since they used a well worked out form of storytelling which puts family, love and comfort in the foreground rather than their brand. However, the branding comes with the final message of each advertising to be top of mind the next time a user talks about Christmas advertising. Paid Media as well as Earned Media helps your brand to spread your advertising and message around the internet. Adding a personalized hashtag along the campaign also has a great impact on its performance.

All in all, it’s all about interacting with your followers and fans and offer an experience rather than an advertisement, especially around Christmas since this time around families get together and make memories. Therefore, you want your advertising on social media to be part of this in order to be recognized as the top of mind advertiser when it comes to Christmas advertising.