Account Based Marketing

Enable your sales team with qualified leads based on real data and insights.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-Based Marketing is a strategic approach that coordinates marketing and sales efforts to tailor content offerings to each defined persona or target group.

Account-Based Marketing is therefore an indispensable marketing strategy for companies that want to put clients at the heart of their business in order to offer long-term differentiated value.

Why Account-Based Marketing?

Today, large target clients (or large groups of target clients) are so valuable that it makes economic sense to implement marketing programs specifically for them.

Indeed, due to increasing competition, globalization, digitalization, and technological advances, the clients are better informed and more demanding. Adaptation and personalization are therefore essential.

Account-Based Marketing is :

  • Strategic, because it is not a one-off measure, but always involves a reorientation of the provider both in marketing and sales.
  • Comprehensive, because marketing and sales work closely together to win the deal.
  • Personalized, because content and messages are targeted to the specific client company and its decision-makers.
  • Goal-oriented in terms of acquiring new clients and developing existing ones.

What are the advantages of an Account-Based Marketing strategy?

  1. All activities are aimed at the client companies concerned – not at everyone who is interested in a subject themselves.
  2. All contacts of a company or its decision-making body are seen and processed collectively.
  3. Users gain insight into and can focus on company-wide or group-wide purchasing activities.
  4. It focuses time and resources on the target clients most likely to generate sales.
  5. A success in ABM can outweigh dozens of smaller deals obtained in a global lead-generation approach.
  6. Sales and marketing teams are closely aligned.
  7. ABM is part of a larger program that coordinates all customer-facing resources in marketing, sales, finance, fulfillment, product development, service, support, and partner organizations.
  8. The ABM business moves faster and experiences fewer failures.

How does the Account-Based Marketing strategy work?

At EuroDSP, we use numerous strategies to ensure an optimal outcome of your ABM campaign.

Using Sales-Intelligence and Social-Selling platforms, our B2B marketers can identify target clients and access real-time information, such as when they consume more content than usual on certain topics. In addition, personalized marketing software solutions allow us to coordinate advertising, marketing, and sales programs within a single tool, such as key account identification, ad targeting, content personalization, and marketing automation. This gives our specialists easy access to campaign and ad performance analysis for individual accounts.

Finally, we can combine account data from multiple internal and external sources (such as our media partnerships) to create multi-channel strategies.

Coupled with our technological knowledge and expertise, we define with you different other techniques that will ensure a better ROI.

Here are some strategies you may want to consider:

  • Leveraging social media (LinkedIn & Twitter engagement, Facebook, Adwords, Twitter & LinkedIn advertising etc.)
  • Geofencing / Geo-targeting
  • Advanced retargeting (general & behavior-based retargeting)
  • Advanced Programmatic Digital Advertising with highly personalized programmatic ads
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Interactive digital product launches
  • Mirroring target account contact language
  • … And many others!

With our EuroDSP experts, define a different and differentiating marketing approach by targeting only the right prospects to increase your revenue and business growth!

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