Social Media Marketing

Our EuroDSP Social Techniques allow you to

  • retarget users through Social Media
  • set up specific branding and performance campaigns with social media
  • combine different approaches such as Native Ads and RTB
  • integrate analytics across the dashboard with social, display or other approaches such as native


Seeing through the fog, finding your way in the jungle

EuroDSP can help you pilot your campaigns in the jungle of social media resources. Clients often observe how crowded the social landscape seems to be with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or business networks such as Linkedin, Viadeo or Xing.


Defining Media Buying Strategies, on target

Although Social Media strategies seem easy when it comes to spending money through Ads Dashboards, ensuring results and ROI is much more difficult. That’s why it makes sense to reposition this social strategy in a wider digital media marketing effort. EuroDSP will help make it intelligible, manageable and cost efficient for more results, engagements and sales.


We can define and pilot your social media strategy via the following channels:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Xing
  • Twitter 
  • Influencer Marketing


How we do it:

  • Reach new qualified audiences via specific awareness campaigns
  • Engage with them once they enter the funnel
  • Deliver the right message with a tailored creative for every funnel step
  • Measure success with the KPIs you set, such as brand awareness, increase in sales, increase of new clients and so on


Get in touch if you:

  • need to reposition your brand
  • need to launch your marketing campaigns online
  • need to increase your online visibility / brand awareness
  • wish to attract new clients or to increase the loyalty of existing clients
  • wish to alert clients of new products or offers
  • wish to build user communities
  • wish to improve your KPIs
  • wish to explore innovative acquisition approaches