Social Marketing

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Our mission is to reconcile branding & acquisition. To this end, we leverage integrated services & in-house technologies which we deploy on Google AdWords and Facebook. Our martech tools create the conditions for our clients to engage with their existing and new audiences and prospects all the way down the conversion funnel. They also enable our strategists, creatives & media experts to craft brand experiences that are relevant for the audiences & meaningful for the brand.
Whether working on strategy, creation or technology, all our teams are driven by the same passion: challenge the idea of the impossible in everything they do.



Our methodology

Social Media offers powerful and accurate ways to target specific and narrow audiences, very structured audiences of people and A/B testing ad creatives on each one of them.

Our main fields of expertise:

  • Brand strategy & data marketing (customer journey & brand positioning)
  • Content & creative design (brand & social, video, mobile, website)
  • Acquisition and Sales


How we do it:

  • Reach new qualified audiences via specific awareness campaigns
  • Engage with them once they enter the funnel
  • Deliver the right message with a tailored creative for every funnel step
  • Measure success with the KPIs you fix, be it brand awareness, increase in sales, increase of new clients…


Get in touch with armstrong if you:

  • need to reposition your brand
  • need to launch your marketing campaigns online
  • need to increase your online visibility / brand awareness
  • wish to attract new clients or to increase the loyalty of existing clients
  • wish to alert clients of new products or offers
  • wish to build user communities
  • wish to improve your KPIs
  • wish to explore innovative acquisition approaches


Want to know more about our martech tool adopt for Social? Click here.