Search Powered Audience Targeting

Banner advertising based on the search behavior of the user

Search queries are special touchpoints in the Customer Journey of every customer. We will pick up these keywords and get in touch with the user during this phase, even before they have come in contact with your product. In close cooperation with you, we will create various Keyword-Clouds and play the advertising when the user profiles (search terms) match the target group and act as an extended arm to your SEM campaigns.

In practice:

  1. The user searches for an electric car
  2. The user enters various keywords for the search. For example “Electro Coupe”
  3. If the search terms match our keyword cloud, the user is marked
  4. Later that day, the user checks his emails and is identified by previous search terms
  5. The potential customer will be targeted with the appropriate banners.

This strategy is cookie based where user tracking is based on pre-identified keywords. This approach is similar to retargeting independent content.

If you would like to deliver your advertising alongside appropriate content, we recommend a Contextual Targeting strategy.