EuroDSP Retail audience targeting: get better results, directly where the buyers are

Marketplace marketing matters, even if you’re not a vendor. And it really does if you are.

EuroDSP offers key retail media strategy expertise for marketers that both sell and don’t sell within key marketplaces. If you’re a vendor, it is of utmost importance that you start to define and build your retail media advertising tactics to improve your overall marketplace strategy.

If you’re not a vendor, you may leverage specific audience targeting to deliver your adverts towards potential customers and prospects. You may need to start and build strong expertise in retail media strategy before your competitors do.


Make the most out of these new opportunities

Marketplace marketing and retail media have become key components of any digital marketing strategy, whether you are or aren’t a vendor. Either way, whether on Amazon or other partner marketplaces, we can offer KPI-driven solutions to enhance your results and make the most out of the latest technology and best audience science. Here’s more.



A New Search  Revolution: Optimize Search Requests, Directly in the Marketplace

Search requests are increasingly made directly within a marketplace environment. We help position your products, services, and keywords directly on search page results, e.g directly where the user is browsing for information.

Our team works hard to define the most relevant keywords for your company and your products through a test and learn approach that helps maximize purchases at scale.  We also ensure your enhanced product placement, increased search request results, and sales results are optimized and adapted to your budget and in tune with overall marketplace constraints and that they work for your long term brand success.



Use your Marketplace Product Views to generate more Results and Leverage Audiences from Market competition

Thanks to our intelligent technology, we can target users who have already seen your product to lead them through your purchase funnel and drive volume through our lookalike feature, which enables us to target other buyers with similar intent and key characteristics, and therefore to enhance your PRM approach and funnel user knowledge. Working with an enhanced funnel framework, we help build your brand sales profile and feed your customer database with new sales and new buyers.



Strengthen your Competitive Profile and Gain Ground Against Competitors

We define a range of products from the market environment and even from key competitors in order to create unique audiences. Thus we can create audiences following results of competitors such from people who see competitor products to people who buy their product. This allows for market share progress.

Our technology and expertise enable you to define a range of product buyers in order to create unique audiences relevant to your brand and offering: we create specific audiences following results of competitors, from people who see competitor products to people who actually buy them – to help achieve market shares progress.



Make the Most out of Subscription Audiences

Due to the fact that it is possible to subscribe to products or brands on the marketplaces, we are able, thanks to our technologies and algorithms, to follow the Internet users who subscribe to your products or to the products of other key market leaders, in order to increase the information at their disposal and to enhance brand and product awareness directly with these key audiences. This in turn leads to more conversions and purchases for your products with long-lasting, behavior-based target groups.



Use Enhanced Retail Media Retargeting Tools for more Purchases

Of course, our EuroDSP team also makes it possible to re-target customers who have already seen information or bought your products on different e-commerce sites, to help strengthen your customer relationship and here again get better results, and drive more sales.



What Matters Most to Us

Finally, our approach is fed with enhanced market, product, and audience-specific insights to both support and improve your strategy. Our relationship with clients is based on our focus: intertemporal marketing and sales success. This lies at the foundation of our values.


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