Retail media and retail targeting at EuroDSP: the double cutting-edge!

When it comes to digital marketing, retail media is the latest addition to a wide range of distribution channels and targeting techniques available to advertisers.

This gives manufacturers and brands the opportunity to ensure that their products are better placed on marketplaces but also to leverage key buyer data to answer sales at scale.

Indeed, and that’s the second major innovation: retail media is also an opportunity for advertisers to enrich their campaigns with insights, audience intelligence and data targeted at buyers and shoppers derived directly from the point of purchase itself. Which will help you to better understand the customer journey.  


Targeting for buy

Our retail media strategy enable you to:

  • Increase brand awareness: more and more users perform their searches directly within marketplaces’ search engine, thus targeting those advertising spots on marketplaces allows brands to display their products directly at the point of sale.
  • Approach the use in the buyer mode: target users with the right mindset for purchase since they are already on a specialized platform. Jump directly into the funnel, where and right when it’s best.
  • Shorten the path to conversions: with the ability to quickly click on the product and the right message, ads can specifically influence consumer behavior and shorten the customer’s journey from viewing a product to making a purchase.
  • Access better targeting: thanks to access to retailers’ first-party data, including interest-based consumer behavior but also purchasing behavior over time.


Our methodology combines human intelligence, strategy, and optimization, with the very best of data intelligence and machine learning.

  • We help you to engage with your prospects once they have entered the funnel (the conversion funnel) and follow them with the appropriate conversion techniques, creative and marketing strategies, to the end of the funnel to ensure KPI success.
  • We deliver the right message with a creative adapted to each product, media, audience.
  • We measure success using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you have defined or that we have defined together, using reliable and actionable data to optimize campaigns. And to serve the objectives, whether they be increased sales, increased number of new customers, or brand awareness.
  • We analyze the results of your campaigns with our own proven techniques: reporting, analysis at the level of each publisher and site, comparison with industry standards, analysis by market environment, and analysis by product vis-à-vis competitors.
  • We optimize campaigns based on test-and-learn techniques in real-time, enhancing results with immediate machine-learning, and human learnings.


Our strategies enhance Brand Safety and Customer protection for Long-Term Brand Strength.

Enhance Brand Safety:

We develop our campaigns from a CRM perspective. There should be no break between any of your marketing, media, and especially digital endeavors. We developed partnerships over the years that allow us to fully master the media and data environment and protect your brand and customer interactions. This enables and supports short and long-term strategies for all platforms.

Long-Term Brand Strength:

Because of our integrated perspective on acquisition, brand, and CRM, fine-tune targeting through access to first-party data (CRM data) from retail websites is one of our best instruments, allowing us to process information on buyer behavior and to compare this data with the brand’s goals across different channels… across the board.

In addition, our EuroDSP Insights open up new perspectives from marketplaces on the truth of your actions, customers and prospects, to improve your results in the future through a long-term approach. When was the last time you got the chance to analyze some helpful customer data?


We deliver results.

We help drive results towards your specific goals:

  • Branding and launch strategy
  • Repositioning of your brand and branding
  • Launch your online marketing campaigns with our digital marketing experts
  • Improving your online visibility
  • Adding retail media to your cross-device and multi-channel campaign
  • Acquisition, loyalty, performance
  • Increase your customer base and improve customer retention
  • Improving the visibility of your products
  • Increase in sales
  • Highlighting new products or offers to customers
  • Generate qualified traffic on your website.
  • Optimization of your campaigns and budgets
  • Finer and more granular measurement of the results allowing the improvement of KPIs
  • Enlarge your media investment portfolio and your growing inventory territory before your competitors do


In addition, our EuroDSP Insights will help challenge and enhance your marketing strategies in a long-term perspective. Our experts support you in the success of your campaigns and the achievement of your short-term objectives.  


To learn more, have a look of our retail media targeting solutions.