Every city has and needs taxis. At night, when public transportation is closed, on the way to the airport with a big suitcase or when you are in a hurry to get somewhere are all scenarios where taxis come into play. Of course, the advertising industry noticed that and is constantly working on new concept on how to ad mobility into advertising. How exactly they are trying to do this will be explained in the following blog post.


 Taxi Roof Advertising

Roof advertising can be digital as well as a banner on a display stand attached to the taxi’s roof. You can choose between changing your digital advertising weekly and if you want different advertising among the different cities. One very exciting thing about taxi roof advertising is, that it has a huge abnormality in a way, especially at night. A lit-up roof advertising at night driving around the city definitely catches attention among pedestrians.


Taxi Side Door Advertising

Side door advertising is, even when the taxi is parked somewhere, always present and therefore one of the most popular ways of outdoor advertising. It is possible to place your advertising in different forms and sized on the side door. An unusual form or a memorable text helps the pedestrian to remember your brand.


Taxi Indoor Advertising

Indoor advertising may not be the best choice for quantity, but definitely to reach a quality audience. With on average 30-40 passengers a day, indoor advertising can be specified for a particular target group. You get face to face with your audience group and therefore generate the greatest attention possible. Especially during the times of fairs, where taxis mostly triple their customers, indoor advertising appears to be a great possibility to get in touch with potential clients.


Special Solutions

Take your taxi advertising to a whole other level by branding the whole taxi in your advertising and make it an eye catcher on the streets. As well as that, you can add spectacular roof advertising in forms of animals or objects that you usually don’t expect on a taxi’s roof. You have a huge variety of possibilities on how to express your advertising with the help of taxi advertising