Pixel Specs



In order for EURODSP to serve ads to users who have visited your website, mobile site or application, you will need to implement the EURODSP retargeting pixel (a generated code snippet) to your website or application.

The EURODSP pixel adds your site visitors to a retargeting list. EURODSP uses the retargeting list to show users your advertising content.


  1. Copy the code Snippet (<iframe … / iframe>) created by EURODSP
  2. Open the HTML page of your website (code page)
  3. Paste the code between the body tags on all pages. If your site uses a common file for the footer, you may paste the code snippet in the common file instead of on every page

NOTE: The more pages are pixelated, the greater the cookie range. A high cookie range serves for improved optimization. We recommend installing the pixel 14 days before the launch of a campaign.


Trackingpixel: Manual

In the following you can download a user manual for the installation of trackingpixel like retargeting or conversion pixels: