Online Audio

Online audio or web radio refers to radio and music services that are streamed over the Internet.


What are the advantages of advertising on online audio services?

  • A growing medium: 1 in 2 people in Germany uses a web radio service, with an average listening time of 55 minutes.
  • No media disruption: Audio Spot and Companion Display Ad delivery are available on all mobile devices.


We offer national coverage with a representative portfolio of more than 35 million online audio listeners in Germany. EuroDSP reaches up to 6.8 million listeners per week.

In contrast to classic FM radio, we can activate different targeting options for your online audio spot:

  • Radio transmitter / Genre
  • Geographic location
  • Weather
  • Date / time
  • Socio-demographic traits
  • Device
  • Behavioural
  • Browser


Depending on the budget and objectives of an audio campaign, we recommend these advertising options:

Online Audio advertising opportunities

Special Offer Package:

For example, we can expand your online audio campaign with the following two strategies:

  1. We tag the listeners of your audio spot and reactivate them with display ads on all available devices. By retargeting the listener, the brand recognition is moved to the forefront of the user’s consciousness.
  2. Through a programmatic audio spot playout we can target listeners via Hyper Local Targeting or Mobile Audience Targeting .