Online Advertising

In order to attract the attention of your consumers and get the desired results, it is important to optimize your online strategy.
Whether it’s on Amazon, on social networks, or on search engines, our experts will help you develop the most effective online strategy for your business.


Display/Video/Mobile Advertising

Banner advertising is one of the most powerful tools in online marketing. Why? Banner advertising generates a positive effect on users even when they are not clicked on.

The perception of a banner produces an indirect branding recognition effect and can also be valuable for product placement. This effect is especially true when it comes to rich-media formats, such as wallpapers or billboards.

For storytelling and branding purposes, the creative assets should appeal on an emotional level to users; videos are an excellent format for this purpose. For video formats, we can optimize not only the click rate but also the view rate.

However, to be able to address the desired target group at the right place and the right time for the best price, we must have the necessary reach and data.

There are three pillars to a successful programmatic marketing campaign:


Tailored Package:

For example, we can reach all pre-roll video viewers (with VTR> 75%) via Retargeting with a Display Ad to readdress users who have already shown an interest in your product. Linking Display Ads to a desired landing page increases traffic and improves the performance of a campaign.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising is often referred to as “advertising in a familiar environment”. It is a form of advertising that mimics the form and flow of the platform upon which it appears.

How do you choose the right advertising medium for your target audience?

We suggest the combined use of First-Party Data, reach and native ads to mount a relevant and impactful campaign strategy.


Retail Media Advertising

When it comes to digital marketing, retail media is the latest addition to a wide range of distribution channels and targeting techniques available to advertisers.

This gives manufacturers and brands the opportunity to ensure that their products are better placed on marketplaces but also to leverage key buyer data to answer sales at scale.

Indeed, and that’s the second major innovation: retail media is also an opportunity for advertisers to enrich their campaigns with insights, audience intelligence and data targeted at buyers and shoppers derived directly from the point of purchase itself. Which will help you to better understand the customer journey.  


Targeting for buy

Our retail media strategy enable you to:

  • Increase brand awareness: more and more users perform their searches directly within marketplaces’ search engine, thus targeting those advertising spots on marketplaces allows brands to display their products directly at the point of sale.
  • Approach the use in the buyer mode: target users with the right mindset for purchase since they are already on a specialized platform. Jump directly into the funnel, where and right when it’s best.
  • Shorten the path to conversions: with the ability to quickly click on the product and the right message, ads can specifically influence consumer behavior and shorten the customer’s journey from viewing a product to making a purchase.
  • Access better targeting: thanks to access to retailers’ first-party data, including interest-based consumer behavior but also purchasing behavior over time.


Our methodology combines human intelligence, strategy, and optimization, with the very best of data intelligence and machine learning.

  • We help you to engage with your prospects once they have entered the funnel (the conversion funnel) and follow them with the appropriate conversion techniques, creative and marketing strategies, to the end of the funnel to ensure KPI success.
  • We deliver the right message with a creative adapted to each product, media, audience.
  • We measure success using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you have defined or that we have defined together, using reliable and actionable data to optimize campaigns. And to serve the objectives, whether they be increased sales, increased number of new customers, or brand awareness.
  • We analyze the results of your campaigns with our own proven techniques: reporting, analysis at the level of each publisher and site, comparison with industry standards, analysis by market environment, and analysis by product vis-à-vis competitors.
  • We optimize campaigns based on test-and-learn techniques in real-time, enhancing results with immediate machine-learning, and human learnings.


Our strategies enhance Brand Safety and Customer protection for Long-Term Brand Strength.

Enhance Brand Safety:

We develop our campaigns from a CRM perspective. There should be no break between any of your marketing, media, and especially digital endeavors. We developed partnerships over the years that allow us to fully master the media and data environment and protect your brand and customer interactions. This enables and supports short and long-term strategies for all platforms.


Long-Term Brand Strength:

Because of our integrated perspective on acquisition, brand, and CRM, fine-tune targeting through access to first-party data (CRM data) from retail websites is one of our best instruments, allowing us to process information on buyer behavior and to compare this data with the brand’s goals across different channels… across the board.

In addition, our EuroDSP Insights open up new perspectives from marketplaces on the truth of your actions, customers and prospects, to improve your results in the future through a long-term approach. When was the last time you got the chance to analyze some helpful customer data?


We deliver results.

We help drive results towards your specific goals:

  • Branding and launch strategy
    • Repositioning of your brand and branding
    • Launch your online marketing campaigns with our digital marketing experts
    • Improving your online visibility
    • Adding retail media to your cross-device and multi-channel campaign
  • Acquisition, loyalty, performance
    • Increase your customer base and improve customer retention
    • Improving the visibility of your products
    • Increase in sales
    • Highlighting new products or offers to customers
    • Generate qualified traffic on your website.
  • Optimization of your campaigns and budgets
    • Finer and more granular measurement of the results allowing the improvement of KPIs
    • Enlarge your media investment portfolio and your growing inventory territory before your competitors do


In addition, our EuroDSP Insights will help challenge and enhance your marketing strategies in a long-term perspective. Our experts support you in the success of your campaigns and the achievement of your short-term objectives.  

To learn more, have a look of our Amazon ads offers or our retail media targeting solutions.

Amazon Ads

Boost your sales with our Amazon ads expertise 

Today, more than 54% of internet searches start on Amazon; the channel has become indispensable for any brand wishing to promote its products. Unlike most other channels, ads can lead to 1-click conversions!

As an expert in e-commerce advertising, EuroDSP offers you all promotional formats on Amazon!


Advertising formats on Amazon adapted to all your objectives  

Sponsored products: a search ecosystem to master 

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands target users on the basis of their search on Amazon. This is keyword targeting; when someone searches for a particular product, category, or brand, an advertisement is displayed on the first search page. 


Differences and similarities between sponsored product and sponsored brand:

Both solutions use keyword targeting as well as product targeting, so the difference is in the format of the ads and their objectives. Indeed, while sponsored products are useful for promoting products on a case-by-case basis, sponsored brands are more focused on promoting the brand in general. This distinction can be seen in the format used, with sponsored brands highlighting three products in the same category or sponsored products focusing on a single promoted product at a time. It should be noted that sponsored brands also allow the use of a video format, which makes it possible to put forward storytelling by presenting prospects with a visual description and explanatory tutorials. 


Sponsored Display to attract users to your Amazon shop 

Sponsored Display allows you to display banner ads on and off Amazon. The format is similar to a classic banner but always with the idea of putting the product in front. 

It is thus possible to promote products on and off Amazon. On Amazon, this allows, thanks to Amazon data, to target not only by keywords and products but also by consumer behavior. Outside of Amazon, users are targeted on the basis of first-party data by displaying banners on partner sites. Display ads allow for wider distribution with a much greater reach.


Our methodology to boost your ROAS (Return On Ads Spend)

Thanks to our expertise in Retail Media, we can establish together a personalized strategy (defensive or offensive) to help you reach your objectives on Amazon in the short and long term. 

With our upstream research and product knowledge for keyword and product targeting, we can get the most out of your products, whether they are in strong categories or emerging products. 

At EuroDSP, Amazon’s advertising strategy is part of a marketing mix; we use Amazon’s capabilities to enrich our prospect knowledge and enhance our multi-channel campaigns with qualified data.

If you want to go further, we support our clients in the advancement of their online shop: improving your brand image, providing information about your products, in the right language, with content, and enhancing the Amazon shop.

So don’t wait any longer, join us to run successful Amazon campaigns with 2-3 times higher ROAS than on other platforms! 

Learn more about our Retail media and Retail media targeting solutions.

Search Marketing

Learn more about our Search Marketing services

Our mission is to reconcile branding & acquisition. To this end, we leverage integrated services & in-house technologies which we deploy on Google AdWords and Facebook. Our martech tools create the conditions for our clients to engage with their existing and new audiences and prospects all the way down the conversion funnel. They also enable our strategists, creatives & media experts to craft brand experiences that are relevant for the audiences & meaningful for the brand.
Whether working on strategy, creation or technology, all our teams are driven by the same passion: challenge the idea of the impossible in everything they do.


Our methodology

Creation, management and optimization of advertising campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing.

Our main fields of expertise:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Retargeting
  • Brand Strategy and Data Marketing (Customer Journey & Brand Positioning)


How we do it:

  • Reach new qualified audiences via specific awareness campaigns
  • Deliver the right message to the right target groups and follow them during their journey from the conversion funnel to the conversion
  • Measure success with the KPIs you set, such as brand awareness, increase in sales, increase of new clients and many more


Get in touch with us if you:

  • need to reposition your brand
  • need to launch your marketing campaigns online
  • need to increase your online visibility / brand awareness
  • wish to attract more clients
  • wish to convert more prospects
  • wish to alert clients of new products or offers
  • wish to improve your KPIs
  • wish to explore innovative acquisition approaches
  • wish to exploit your product catalogue in a smart way

Social Media Marketing

Our EuroDSP Social Techniques allow you to

  • retarget users through Social Media
  • set up specific branding and performance campaigns with social media
  • combine different approaches such as Native Ads and RTB
  • integrate analytics across the dashboard with social, display or other approaches such as native


Seeing through the fog, finding your way in the jungle

EuroDSP can help you pilot your campaigns in the jungle of social media resources. Clients often observe how crowded the social landscape seems to be with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or business networks such as Linkedin, Viadeo or Xing.


Defining Media Buying Strategies, on target

Although Social Media strategies seem easy when it comes to spending money through Ads Dashboards, ensuring results and ROI is much more difficult. That’s why it makes sense to reposition this social strategy in a wider digital media marketing effort. EuroDSP will help make it intelligible, manageable and cost efficient for more results, engagements and sales.


We can define and pilot your social media strategy via the following channels:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Xing
  • Twitter 
  • Influencer Marketing


How we do it:

  • Reach new qualified audiences via specific awareness campaigns
  • Engage with them once they enter the funnel
  • Deliver the right message with a tailored creative for every funnel step
  • Measure success with the KPIs you set, such as brand awareness, increase in sales, increase of new clients and so on


Get in touch if you:

  • need to reposition your brand
  • need to launch your marketing campaigns online
  • need to increase your online visibility / brand awareness
  • wish to attract new clients or to increase the loyalty of existing clients
  • wish to alert clients of new products or offers
  • wish to build user communities
  • wish to improve your KPIs
  • wish to explore innovative acquisition approaches

Online Audio

Online audio or web radio refers to radio and music services that are streamed over the Internet.

What are the advantages of advertising on online audio services?

  • A growing medium: 1 in 2 people in Germany uses a web radio service, with an average listening time of 55 minutes.
  • No media disruption: Audio Spot and Companion Display Ad delivery are available on all mobile devices.

We offer national coverage with a representative portfolio of more than 35 million online audio listeners in Germany. EuroDSP reaches up to 6.8 million listeners per week.


In contrast to classic FM radio, we can activate different targeting options for your online audio spot:

  • Radio transmitter / Genre
  • Geographic location
  • Weather
  • Date / time
  • Socio-demographic traits
  • Device
  • Behavioural
  • Browser


Depending on the budget and objectives of an audio campaign, we recommend these advertising options:

Online Audio

                                                                                  Online Audio advertising opportunities


Special Offer Package:

For example, we can expand your online audio campaign with the following two strategies:

  1. We tag the listeners of your audio spot and reactivate them with display ads on all available devices. By retargeting the listener, the brand recognition is moved to the forefront of the user’s consciousness.
  2. Through a programmatic audio spot playout we can target listeners via Hyper Local Targeting or Mobile Audience Targeting . 

Online Audio

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