Digital Out Of Home

Combining programmatic technology and location-based data, programmatic Digital Out Of Home campaigns offer another powerful tool in the integrated marketing line-up. Digital billboards, that are ready to serve your advertising content, can be found in train stations, shopping malls, airports or buses and trains.

We offer access to the DOOH inventory of the two largest marketers in Germany.


What advantages does a programmatic DOOH campaign offer?

  • Contacts are shown in reports
  • Selective modulation on individual screens are possible (long / lat targeting)
  • Near Real Time Ad Exchange (for example with weather targeting)
  • Targeting: Regional / Temporal / Weather
  • Acceptance and WM examination (for example video content / competitor situation on site)

Special Offer Package :

For example, we can digitally extend a DOOH campaign at the airport with mobile ads, in which we will address all airport visitors via Hyper Local Targeting on ​​all mobile devices and thus bring your brand back into focus.

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