Addressable tv

Addressable TV combines the best of both worlds, the quality content of television along with the convenience of online watching.
This medium allows ads to be served to different households while they are watching the same program.

We offer versatile strategies that are adapted to your goals

  1. Addressable TV with contact supplement on spot viewer
  2. Addressable TV with “negative targeting” non-spot viewers (after completing your TV campaign)
  3. Audience segmentation and targeting
  4. Geo-Targeting
  5. Awareness education through special placement and exclusivity
  6. Advertising pressure control / contact classes
  7. Incremental reach / net contact expansion

What are the key features of a programmatic Addressable TV campaign?

  • TV advertising without a designated TV spot
  • Target group is actively sitting in front of the TV, occupied by Switchin function
  • Maximum attention when changing channels
  • TV location can be used to target ads, e.g. Geo-Targeting
  • Exclusive placement in the transmitter environment
  • Only high-quality TV station brands with high quality content
  • All time slots are available, including prime-time

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