Contextual Targeting


Targeting the banner to the user on the highest-performing website placements.

EuroDSP aligns your advertising objectives based on a group of keywords and the users context. We create a predefined keyword cloud with you or your SEO agency and deliver the advertising content via our premium network. We guarantee the quality control of your content in real time. For example, with our in-house technology, we can exclude any negative keywords associated with a campaign. 

In practice:

  1. EuroDSP creates a keyword cloud for a car manufacturer.
  2. Keywords may include: “car”, “formula 1”, “limousine”, “coupe”, “racing car”, etc.
  3. The user visits a sports website and reads an article about the Formula 1.
  4. Based on keyword matching, the car manufacturer’s advertisement is displayed to the user.
  5. The advertisement will only be displayed if it is considered a “positive” article.
  6. If “negative” keywords such as “crash”, “accident” etc. are shown on the website, then the banner will not be displayed.

With this method, the banners can be controlled to match positive content uniquely.

Advertising content can also be displayed next to articles on competitors as an alternative targeting strategy.