In today’s blog post we met Rafi Qadari, our Programmatic Expert here at EuroDSP, and asked him some questions about his daily work and his methods.

How does your ordinary working day look like?

Qadari: It is important to analyze and evaluate the campaigns on a daily basis. I take a closer look at the performance and, if necessary, make additional optimizations in order to achieve the goals of the advertising measures. As soon as I receive a new campaign, I start to deal with the setup of our online campaigns. This includes: checking the functionality of the advertising media, checking the correct implementation of pixels and setting up the campaign in the DSP.


What is the most difficult / challenging part of your job?

Qadari: In campaign management, the coordination of the many line items has to be mastered. It is enormously important to keep track and set the right priorities. The challenge can be simplified with Excel overviews, to-do lists and calendar entries.

Have you ever said “No” to a client? If so, why?

Qadari: Once I take over the campaign and I’m in charge of optimization and reporting, the client will hardly ever hear a direct “no” from me. Our strength at EURODSP is working very customer-oriented. That’s why we always offer the client an alternative solution with which they can work.


How do you approach the optimization of a campaign?

Qadari: Every customer has different views and wishes regarding the goals. For me, it is crucial that I have all the information and campaign goals available before the campaign starts. With this basis, the campaigns can be optimized according to the agreed KPIs.

What motivates you in your job?

Qadari: The industry has been experiencing a steep innovation curve over the last five years. Programmatic buying has changed the industry and many new players have appeared in the market. In addition to numerous DSPs and SSPs, technology providers such as 3rd party providers, brand safety providers and verification tools have also benefited from this change, and thanks to the dynamic nature of the industry, I am learning more every day. The rapid development forces me to always be up to date and that motivates me in my profession.