Hyperlocal Geofencing


According to recent studies, an average consumer uses his or her smartphone more than 100 times a day. The optimal user approach in the mobile sector is to address the potential customer in the right place, at the right time. This is made possible with geofencing. 

For a geofencing campaign, we define a virtual radius around a physical area such as a hardware store, car dealership or supermarket. Using the mobile GPS data, we can address the user via an in-app experience or a web browser session. This method uses the most recent technological advancements and is more reliable than addressing users via their IP address.

In practice:

  1. You are an online distributer of home tools
  2. A local prospect visits a DIY store or is within a radius of a certain amount of meters from the store
  3. We can address the user with your advertising content.

Another option is to target specific users based on their movement patterns. For example, we can address business travellers who often pass through airports and train stations or regularly stay at hotels. We can set a limitation that excludes users that are not a part of the target audience such as employees. This pool of users is stored as “business travellers” and addressed them throughout the course of a campaign, irrespective of their location via the appropriate medium (radio, banner, video).