Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook has almost 2 Billion active users and all of them are a potential lead for your business by distributing targeted messages. This following blog post deals with Facebook Lead Ads and how you can generate new leads, prospects or customers.


What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads are the sponsored posts, which appear in between organic post in your newsfeed in Facebook. Usually, these ads are arranged by a company, that wants to advertise their product or service including a button to click on. This button leads prospective buyers directly to the product or service page.


What do Facebook Link Ads contain?

Usually, Facebook Link Ads are all built the same. In a feed post, right under the profile picture your ad contains a message to address the audience and attract them to click on your ad. It is followed up by an image that supports the message and a call to action button to click on. This button can have a variety of verbalizations like “Sign Up”, “Learn More” or “Buy here”, always accordingly to the product, service or information which lead the user to a Landing Page. Otherwise, this button can also trigger a pop up, where the users name and email are already filled out based on their Facebook profile and they just have to confirm their information to sign up to a newsletter, test out certain software or receive free samples of new products. All it takes are a maximum of two clicks to generate a new lead.


Best Practices

There are a few things that are important to consider before creating a Lead Ad.

First of all, you have to look at the content. You want people to sign up through your Lead Ad and you need to give them an encouragement to do so. The best way would be to give the users some kind of value in telling them why they should sign up and make it so unique, that it stands out in between all these other ads on Facebook.

Also, it is important which visuals you use. It is said, that people process pictures 60,000 times faster than text, so using the right images can help a lot when It comes to getting people signed up on your Lead Ads

Create eye catching images when it comes to setting up your Facebook Lead Ads. As well as that, try to take risks and see which strategy performs best, by maybe testing out split tests to find out which variation attracts the most leads.