DRIVE-TO-STORE : using web-mobile technologies to generate in-store traffic

Drive-to-Store is a marketing action aimed at moving a targeted individual to a physical point of sale to make him/her buy a product. The objective is to generate qualified in-store traffic thanks to web-mobile technologies. This action allows you to reach your KPIs and increase the ROI of your marketing actions.


Drive-to-Store strategies respond to new consumer behaviors in their purchasing practices. The RoPo (Research Online Purchase Offline) logic consists in buying a product in store after having searched for it online. The objective of retailers is to capture this user and bring him to their point of sale. After precisely identifying consumer behaviour, behavioural targeting helps to offer personalised content to each Internet user.

Thanks to multi-channel communication or on the website, the strengths of the local point of sale are highlighted. There are several Drive-to-Store strategies available to retailers to increase traffic:


  • Search marketing : SEO, a natural referencing element; SEM, a paid referencing element.
  • Geolocalised campaigns: emailings, SMS, mobile and desktop advertising, refined targeting, push notification, etc.
  • E-couponing : a loyalty technique that consists of offering consumers discount coupons. Discount sites are a purchase trigger for more than one out of two users.
  • Geofencing : Sending a message to all users present within a virtual geographical barrier to encourage them to visit stores.
  • Bluetooth beacon : use of Bluetooth box that allows to dialogue with smartphones within a certain perimeter.
  • Click and collect : service offered to consumers allowing them to reserve or order products online before picking them up directly in a store.
  • Store locator : an interactive map that groups and allows you to find the store of a brand nearest to you or in the desired location.
  • Quizzes and contests


Drive-to-Store offers many advantages, including better visibility of the establishment, the presence of customers in the stores even during off-peak hours, and increased traffic and sales. This solution is innovative and effective for independent establishments that are experiencing difficulties and thus makes it possible to meet the new expectations of consumers.


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