Mobile Audience Targeting

What is Mobile Audience Targeting ?

Mobile audience targeting is the way of targeting your brand’s key consumers by relying on data points about mobile users in order to deliver relevant ads to them – no matter what site or app they’re using. Consumers are separated into segments aligned directly with their lifestyles; those segments can be demographics (age, average income, gender, interests, and location), and psychographics (values and motivations that impact a consumer’s buyer’s journey).


Mobile Audience Targeting is:

  • Ultra-specific

As desktop technology has evolved into mobile technology, mobile advertising technology companies have now acquired the ability to target audiences. The audience targeting method uses a person’s underlying data or, to be more precise, their device ID, which can include certain demographic information and even geographic location for more effective and engaging ads.

This advancement in mobile advertising technology allows advertisers to be ultra-specific about the type of consumer they are trying to reach. In other words, it is now possible to use one-to-one targeting, which is much more effective than one-to-many targeting, because this strategy allows you to reach an individual person with an individual message.


  • Contextual

While one-to-one targeting doesn’t offer quite as much scale that content targeting offers, it is a much more precise way to reach relevant consumers and targets exactly the kind of people mobile ad companies want with a message tailored to an individual.

In short, mobile audience targeting offers a huge advantage over content targeting, and this is why many more brands are adopting mobile targeting methods over content targeting.


The benefit of Mobile Audience Targeting

Mobile Audience Targeting enables you to reach the right people for lead generation and ensures that you’re using your marketing resources and time in the right places, and for the right people. In order words, you will not have to waste ad spend on audiences that won’t deliver high ROI.


How do we proceed at EuroDSP?

  • Using location-based analytics to inform your sales pitches and presentations before the campaign even begins 

Use data to learn how frequently customers visit your locations to segment your audience based upon loyalty and evaluate which competitive locations your audience also visits to influence that audience and increase the efficiency of your ad spend. We can help you and provide you with this data early in the sales cycle to help you visualize and understand your audience, which will boost not only your credibility but also your ability to win the business.


  • Building and reaching the audience

There are numerous platforms available today that provide a black-box approach to buying very broad location-based audiences; it can sometimes seem simpler to choosing a pre-built audience, and there are always campaigns that are a great fit for this tactic.

However, at EuroDSP, we believe that our clients love to see high degrees of transparency, flexibility, and customizability as to how those audiences are made. We want our clients to take control of the creation of the audience. This is why we plan the most effective mobile campaigns by spending a few extra minutes customizing the specific locations and date ranges that comprise your audience. We are using the data and the visualizations we generated in the first step to increase your return on investment.


  • Attributing digital campaigns to in-store traffic and purchases

This last component is certainly the most difficult. Nonetheless, at EuroDSP we pride ourselves to test multiple approaches to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Thanks to our frequent reporting, we will be able to answer to questions like “ Did the frequency of visitation increase?”, “Did my foot traffic increase against my competitors with this audience?” or  “From which competitors am I winning market share?”.


Target your mobile audience effectively with EuroDSP

There are benefits to using different solutions that provide audience building, media spend, activation and attribution. By working with us, there is limited opportunity for bias in the results, and therefore, you can have more trust in the data. This comprehensive approach ultimately increases the effectiveness and credibility of your campaigns.

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