Geofencing allows you to geomarket, target, retarget or remarket users who have been to a specific zone, area or place. It allows marketers to determine where and who they would like to target for their campaigns, in order to make the most of targeted local marketing techniques.

A geofence is a kind of virtual wall or perimeter. It applies to an actual place or area, often determined inside street coordinates.

Entering or exiting the geo-fence is one of the key triggers (via mobile or email, for instance) for campaign management. This is a geo-local or geo-marketing service.

EuroDSP Geofencing technology allows you to:

  • announce special offerings and events at a specific venue, store or location, sales operations, generally to bring customers in-store or leverage proximity
  • differentiate content according to place and customer
  • address people in that specific area
  • address those who are entering the area in order to trigger events, push notifications upon area entering
  • address who have been to the area, and to benefit from tracking:
    • time visited and left
    • usage statistics.

What’s more our geomarketing techniques allow for greater database management, as well as customer behavior data or customer profiling.

Your present or potential customers are right there in front of you!