Data Targeting


The art of data targeting is to minimize the spread loss in pre-targeting to build a qualified audience for retargeting. We only work with premium partners (pages, data, brand safety, SEO tools) on a certified ad server and with our in-house technology.

EuroDSP has interfaces to all leading data providers in the B2B and B2C realm. We can enrich your campaign with appropriate data such as socio-demographic factors, occupation, household income or interests.

If the user matches the pre-determined data criteria, we will address them in real-time with your content. Depending on the campaign and the target group, we will use a suitable list of available data and deliver the advertising within our Premium Rotation. In addition to first-party data (retail: CRM data, online retail shops, various clusters), we also use third-party data.

We are always looking for more data providers and partners. The data can be made accessible to our campaigns via the DSP interface or via pixel integration.

Together we achieve more.