Brand Safety


We take brand safety very seriously and provide different strategies. Currently, our Blacklist extends to 300.000 pages and continues to increase from campaign to campaign. In addition, Brand Safety specialists are integrated into the technology, which are part of every single ad impression. Another method of guaranteeing Brand Safety is through a whitelist delivery.

Blacklist options include:

  • Pornography, Mature Topics & Nudity
  • Copyright Infringement / Piracy
  • Drugs / Alcohol / Controlled Substances: Substance Abuse
  • Extreme Graphic / Explicit Violence / Weapons
  • Ad Impression Fraud
  • Hate / Profanity
  • Illegal Activities: Criminal Skills
  • Nuisance / Spyware / Malware / Warez
  • Disaster: Terrorist Events
  • Controversial Subjects: Sex Education