Amazon awards: focus on the Best Seller badge

Amazon awards can make a difference

Why are Amazon badges important? Simply because 70% of all Amazon consumers don’t browse the second page of search results, 35% look at and click on the first search result, and typically the first three search results receive over 60% of clicks (Baker, 2018). So many reasons to appear in the top results. 


The Best Seller badge

The Amazon Best Seller badge appears as an orange icon in search results on top-selling products in a specific category.

Like the Amazon’s Choice badge, the purpose of the badge is to make it easier for users to shop by highlighting the best-selling products. And so, as mentioned above, items listed as Best Seller are more likely to be viewed by shoppers, which can generate additional sales.


The Best Seller badge is based on the data of the A9 algorithm

A product defined as Best Seller means that the product in question has the highest number of sales in that specific category. The A9 algorithm, which determines the ranking of products in search results based on, among other things, volume and consistency of sales, therefore updates the Best Seller status every hour. 


Maintain high sales levels over time to become a Best Seller

The difficulty in receiving the Best Seller tag depends on the category your product belongs to. Most categories receive approximately 100 Best Seller badges, which are then shared among the sub-categories. However, some categories prove to be more competitive than others, such as Electronics or Games & Days. In the case of these two categories, it is very difficult to remain among the Best Sellers over a long period of time. 

However, whether you are in a competitive category or not, in order to receive the Amazon Best Seller badge, it is crucial that you are able to maintain a high sales rate over the long term. 


How to ensure high sales levels over the long term

First, a few tips about managing your Amazon account. One of the first steps is to choose the right Amazon account level. Indeed, several account levels are available for people wishing to sell on the giant’s platform; a normal account allows you to list your item for free in the site’s catalog, with no listing fees and with a payment applicable only when a sale is made, while a pro merchant account, for example, offers you greater flexibility with the listing of products that are not yet in the Amazon catalog or discounts for each item. 

In addition, using Amazon Seller Central is a useful tool for managing your sales; in fact, the reports available to merchants on Amazon Seller Central can help you analyze your sales, find potential buyers and determine the effectiveness of your promotions and marketing.

Other marketing tools can also help your sales, including Amazon’s Likes, Tags, and Listmaniam, which will help give your store’s items greater visibility.

Secondly, in terms of your products, it is important, first of all, to have enough items in order to be able to meet the demand of consumers. This will avoid, among other things, that buyers go to other sellers in case of stock shortage. Secondly, categorizing your product in a targeted way is essential. If you place your product in the wrong category, buyers who are looking for it may never find it. Finally, the last tip regarding items is to optimize your product sheets with a thorough work on keywords relevant to your items as well as affordable products with flexible pricing adapted to the competition, concepts that we have explained in detail in our white paper

Finally, another way to improve your sales is on the one hand, to implement promotions, such as coupons or flash offers whose effectiveness on the velocity of sales has been proven many times (LandingCube, 2021), and on the other hand, to implement an advertising strategy on Amazon, a point we will discuss in more detail in the second part of this article.