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Boost your sales with our Amazon ads expertise 


Today, more than 54% of internet searches start on Amazon; the channel has become indispensable for any brand wishing to promote its products. Unlike most other channels, ads can lead to 1-click conversions!


As an expert in e-commerce advertising, EuroDSP offers you all promotional formats on Amazon!


Advertising formats on Amazon adapted to all your objectives  

Sponsored products: a search ecosystem to master 

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands target users on the basis of their search on Amazon. This is keyword targeting; when someone searches for a particular product, category, or brand, an advertisement is displayed on the first search page. 


Differences and similarities between sponsored product and sponsored brand:

Both solutions use keyword targeting as well as product targeting, so the difference is in the format of the ads and their objectives. Indeed, while sponsored products are useful for promoting products on a case-by-case basis, sponsored brands are more focused on promoting the brand in general. This distinction can be seen in the format used, with sponsored brands highlighting three products in the same category or sponsored products focusing on a single promoted product at a time. It should be noted that sponsored brands also allow the use of a video format, which makes it possible to put forward storytelling by presenting prospects with a visual description and explanatory tutorials. 



Sponsored Display to attract users to your Amazon shop 

Sponsored Display allows you to display banner ads on and off Amazon. The format is similar to a classic banner but always with the idea of putting the product in front. 

It is thus possible to promote products on and off Amazon. On Amazon, this allows, thanks to Amazon data, to target not only by keywords and products but also by consumer behavior. Outside of Amazon, users are targeted on the basis of first-party data by displaying banners on partner sites. Display ads allow for wider distribution with a much greater reach.



Our methodology to boost your ROAS (Return On Ads Spend)

Thanks to our expertise in Retail Media, we can establish together a personalized strategy (defensive or offensive) to help you reach your objectives on Amazon in the short and long term. 

With our upstream research and product knowledge for keyword and product targeting, we can get the most out of your products, whether they are in strong categories or emerging products. 

At EuroDSP, Amazon’s advertising strategy is part of a marketing mix; we use Amazon’s capabilities to enrich our prospect knowledge and enhance our multi-channel campaigns with qualified data.


If you want to go further, we support our clients in the advancement of their online shop: improving your brand image, providing information about your products, in the right language, with content, and enhancing the Amazon shop.


So don’t wait any longer, join us to run successful Amazon campaigns with 2-3 times higher ROAS than on other platforms! 


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