Accordingly to ProSiebenSat.1, there are around 12 million addressable TV’s in German households already with a total of 580 million SwitchIn contacts per month. SwitchIn is a digital advertising platform founded in 2015 by ProSiebenSat.1. In the following, you will be introduced to all the different options that are possible with SwitchIn.


SwitchIn Classic

The SwitchIn Classic offers your client the possibility of broadcasting advertising completely independently from a TV-Spot. During the running program, there will simply appear a banner to advertise your product or service. This could look something like this:

The program on the screen is displayed in grey, the SwitchIn Classic in red.


SwitchIn Freestyle

The SwitchIn Freestyle offers, just like the SwitchIn Classic, the possibility to broadcast your advertising via Addressable TV without a TV-Spot. The only difference you are having over the SwitchIn Classic is, that you have room for individual designs. This room can be used to highlight certain images or sentences by placing them obviously different. In this way, you get the most out of your advertising impact.

The program on the screen is again displayed in grey, the SwitchIn Classic in red and the design space in blue.


SwitchIn XXL Pure

The SwitchIn XXL Pure offers you the greatest possible attention possible. With the appearance of the SwitchIn, the running program gets minimized in order to place the SwitchIn on the boarder of the Screen.

The program on the screen is again displayed in grey, the SwitchIn Classic in red.


SwitchIn Kombi – Combination of SwitchIn Classic and SwitchIn XXL Pure

The SwitchIn Kombi brings the best of all SwitchIn’s together. In the first contact, a SwitchIn XXL Pure ensures to leave a mark on anyone watching it. Shortly after that, in the second and third contact, SwitchIn Classics will be displayed as a reminder to boost engagement.


Advantages with SwitchIn’s

In total, SwitchIn’s appear to be perceivedless annoyingas normal TV advertising. This confirms a study of ProSiebenSat.1 which says, that 51,5% of the people have that opinion.

Another advantage is the possibility, of placing your SwitchIn’s to any time of the day. In the morning, afternoon or at Prime Time, you can choose when to place your advertising.

Lastly, ProSiebenSat.1 offers you a variety of popular German TV channelssuch as ProSieben, Sat 1, Kabel 1 or SIXX.


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