Engaging Features

Ever since geotargeting and QR codes were invented, they are often used on Digital Out of Home advertising. People walking by a billboard can scan QR codes with their phone in order to find more information on a certain topic or to directly book, download or buy concerts, apps, products etc. With geotargeting, you can arrange the scenario that only around certain areas where your digital out of home advertising is placed, the public gets the chance to buy limited timed products.


Variety of advertising possibilities

With Digital Out of Home advertising you can bring your advertising to life since many advertisers support video on their display advices. Therefore, you can pick and choose if you want your advertising to be static or vivid. Especially in crowded areas, such as shopping malls or popular shopping streets, you can stand out if you use a video to advertise your product or service.


Fast Content Change

In Digital Out of Home advertising it is possible to quickly adapt or change certain campaigns if it doesn’t reach the target audience. You can experience with different versions of your advertising at certain spots around a city. Thereby, you can determine which advertising works the best to reach your target group.


Precise Campaign Dates

In the old days, it took a long time to print and install advertising on large billboards. Nowadays, with digital solutions you can launch, stop or edit a campaign in the matter of minutes without any extra cost. This makes Digital Out of Home Advertising more efficient and popular like never before.