On average, only 2% of visitors convert on their first visit of a website. With our cookie-based technology and reach over 45 countries, we can tag your prospective customers and redirect them to your website; converting them from mere user to loyal customer. Dynamic Banners can also be used depending on the client agreement.

Predictive retargeting

For websites with a very high reach, we optimise delivery by prioritising the audience with the highest performance. For example, we can engage users who visited your site in the last 2 days or who visited your store twice without converting.

Inverse retargeting

As an additional targeting option, we can integrate a pixel on your page, allowing us to only address users who have not visited your site in the last 30 days. With this type of delivery, we only address new customers and supplement delivery with valuable keywords, data and environments. The new customers on the site will increase the cookie pool for the retargeting campaign, contributing to a performance boost.