Digital Out Of Home

Combining programmatic technology and location-based data, Programmatic Digital Out Of Home campaigns offer another powerful tool in the integrated marketing line-up. Digital billboards that are ready to serve your advertising content can be found in train stations, shopping malls, airports or buses & trains.

We offer access DOOH inventory of the two largest marketers in Germany.

Show as a picture: Screens at stations and airports

What advantages does a programmatic DOOH campaign offer me?

+ Contacts are shown in reports

+ Selective modulation on individual screens are possible (long / lat targeting)

+ Near Real Time Ad Exchange (for example with weather targeting)

+ Targeting: Regional / Temporal / Weather

+ Acceptance and WM examination (for example video content / competitor situation on site)

Special Offer Package:

For example, we can digitally extend a DOOH campaign at the airport with mobile ads, in which we will address all airport visitors via Hyper Local Targeting (linking to targeting) on ​​all mobile devices and thus bring your brand back into focus.